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Spa Rituals

SPA RITUALS are exotic treatments using touch , meditation and various exclusive products which are directly sourced from the natural environment to re-balance the mind,body and spirit connection.

As your mind is affected by stress and daily pressures ,so is your body ,your spirit and your energy resulting in imbalances that manifest themselves in various ways physically ,mentally and spiritually.


These programs are designed by Mind , Body and Soul experts across the world to elicit energy transformation through the power of touch ,meditation and environment .Fluids ,massage movements and precisely placed hands utilize organic salts ,pure essentials oils and fruit and plant extracts to release tension and imbalances in order to refresh and invigorate the body, freeing the energy to flow .The mind is quietened once again through a concious practice of relaxation and guided release of worry ,stress and bother ,bringing you back to your center of energy core..

The body is soothed and deeply relaxed through with purposeful touch ,flowing pressure movements and the breath which allows you to feel the relaxed and serene .The spirit and the soul is calmed and you are at the center of yourself and feel at one with the universal energy.

With all the three integral parts relaxed , the results of this treatments will leave you refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.

Tranquility is acheived. The mind,body and the spirit is centered.


Aura Balance Body Ritual

  • This Aroma therapeutic journey balances the body's full chakra system. You choose your intent... Relax, Uplift, Inspire.

Center yourself Body Ritual

  • Increases circulation, energy and vitality. Promoted the release of toxins and eliminates excess. Mineral Salts purify.

Open Minded Body Ritual

  • Exfoliation, Massage, Swaddle and Mini Massage Experience the gentle sloughing away of dead skin cells with an exfoliator of Organic Sugar infused with French Lavender.

Savasana Body Ritual

  • Exfoliation, Massage, Swaddle and Scalp Treatment This holistic body treatment starts with an exfoliation ritual of
  • More
    • Wildcraffted Indoneasian Ginger. It is followed by an Ayurveda inspired massage with warm Sesame oil infused with essential oils of Chinese Jasmine.