I Deserve It - Luxury SPA and Thai Body Massage Centre in Thane

Find Luxury SPA and Salon in Thane. We offer SPA, Aroma, Body massages and Body wraps

I Deserve It is a beauty Spa and Salon in Thane. We offer Spa and salon, Hair Spa, Hair styling, Skin, Makeover and more.
Address :
2nd floor, Vihang's Palm Club, Vartak Nagar, Thane(W),
Maharashtra - 400606
Tel : (+91) 2542 9922-23
Email : info@ideserveit.in


In today's stressful and tumultuous world, one of the many methods that people employ in order to relax is massage. Massage therapy is quickly becoming a preferred method of stress relief and relaxation. The key to this form of therapy is to target areas on the body that tend are susceptible to pressure and try to release whatever strain they may be experiencing. Many persons, if not everyone, is familiar with the traditional form of massage in which the hands are used in order to release pressure from the body Vital statistics are minor contributions to the beautiful body.


More important is the state of mind that sits on top. This is achieved by taking time for oneself. A vital part of life that most ignore. We believe that massage and holistic body treatments and alternative therapy is all about healing for the emotions and for the body, having these treatments is simple and effective route to general wellbeing via our largest sensory organ our skin. Massage is the oldest and simplest form of healthcare. The uncomplicated process of holistic therapy techniques is proven to unleash countless therapeutic and anti ageing benefits from helping the heart rate , blood pressure, breathing and digestion, Begin the journey of peaceful healing through these treatment



  • Swedish Massage (60 Mins)
  • Marma Massage (120 Mins)
  • Thai Massages (120 Mins)
  • More Massages
    • Deep Tissue Massage (90 Mins)
    • Shiatshu Massages (60 Mins)
    • Sea Shell Massages (60 Mins)
    • Lava Shell Massages (90 Mins)
    • Harmony Ball Massage (60 Mins)
    • Zoya Ball Massage (60 Mins)
    • Abhyangam (60 Mins)
    • Udhwarthanam (60 Mins)
    • Potli Massages (60 Mins)
    • Chair Massages (60 Mins)
    • Manaka Massages (60 Mins)
    • Foot Reflexology (45 Mins)


  • Salt Scrubs
  • Aroma Scrubs
  • Sugar Scrubs (30 Mins)
  • More Scrubs
    • Bali Spa Scrubs (30 Mins)
    • Luxury Scrubs (30 Mins)
    • Fresh Fruits Scrubs
    • Natural Scrubs

Body Wraps

  • Fresh Fruits Wraps (30 Mins)
  • Mud Wraps (30 Mins)
  • Bali Spa Wraps (30 Mins)
  • More Wraps
    • Luxury Wraps (30 Mins)