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Makeup tips to practice while Travelling

April, 2019

As you all beautiful ladies are aware, the struggle with the makeup is real! It demands a lot of dedication, determination and the art of perfection. As history suggests, even though all girls and women know to perfect their makeups, the vicinity factors risk the art of perfection.

For instance, maintaining your makeup while travelling is one of the times God is not kinder to your face cakes. It gets difficult to put on makeup when you go on backpacking or when you're out travelling for tours or even if you are travelling everyday in the locals. We have put together a list of tips to look beautiful anywhere and anytime.

• Moisture and Hydration

Hydration is a very important factor to be understood when you're on your journey. A hydrated skin glows and shines naturally. Hydration should also be followed by moisturizing since moisturisers help the skin to maintain its softness and oil levels to prevent dryness. It is a life-saving essential to carry on trips.

• Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a very useful fix when you are travelling. An emergency kit is a set of all essentials packed together such as an eyeliner, mascara, moisturizer, concealer and tinted lip balm. This kit comes very handily in the times of no-time makeup or to fix even the tiniest makeup crises.

• Hair Fixes

If the journey has left your hair frizzy, you can just touch your hair with the moisturizer that’s left behind after applying on your face. To avoid a flat spot, tie your hair in a loose topknot for some volume when you land. You also have an array of travelling conditioners and hair sprays available in the market to curb those messy tresses!

• Skip the Foundation

Even though foundation is the base of every makeup, it is best of you to avoid the foundation for on trips. The foundation can melt and crack up, soiling your face. But if you're still persistent on wearing on a foundation, then apply a good primer prior to applying foundation.

• Lips for the Trip

Instead of using long-lasting lipsticks that will dehydrate your lips and crack them up, use layers of balm and tinted lip stains. Finish with a coat of gloss and keep applying the gloss throughout the journey.

• Eye Care

Avoid heavy eye makeup and mascara before your journey as you might find it smudged or messy if you take a little nap along the way. A best pro tip is to do your eyes after you reach your destination.

• Nail Polish

If you must paint your nails, opt for clear or neutral shades. This way even if the nail paint chips with all the moving around and baggage handling, it won’t be easily noticeable, unlike bright red or dark grunge nail shades.

• Soft Hands

Apply hand cream liberally and carry it with you in your purse. Keep reapplying to prevent your hands from drying out.

These tips come in handy not only during your travel. These tips serve multiple purposes. You can even swap some of these and apply them while carrying out everyday activities like sleeping, bathing, or even swimming!

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