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Busting 7 Acne Myths

March, 2019

Men, women, kids, seniors - acne befriends anyone, irrespective of their age, life cycle or puberty. Acne can spur on any part of the body – be it the face, neck, chest, hands, legs, or even stomach. They erupt in the form of the infamous red painful boils. Sometimes with or without pus formation inside. Globally, acnes are very common and almost 80% of the world’s population is affected by them.

People take part in all kinds of prevention and remedial actions to curb the growth and yet are unsuccessful at many times. And with the growing number of acne sufferers, there exist multiple myths surrounding the spread, healing and curing of acne. In this blog, we cover the most common acnes myths that often lead to misguidance. So go ahead and be prepared to bust your acnes myth, and not burst the acnes!

Myth 1 - Acne is contagious

A widespread lie is that acne is contagious. However, contrary to this myth, acne is not at all contagious, though they are caused by bacteria. Studies also show that acne is hereditary and hence parents can pass down the acne genes responsible for the breakout.

Myth 2 - Toothpastes can get rid of Acne

Another believed myth about acne is that toothpaste application in the affected areas help in reduction. Some non-scientific blogs and articles, thriving on people’s gullibility also state that the pimple healing process happens due to the presence of baking soda, essential oils and hydrogen peroxide present in the toothpastes. Well, this is nothing but a blatant big fat lie.

Myth 3 - Acne appears only in teenagers

For all the adults above 20 years of age and the over-dramatic teens, this is especially for you guys – this myth ain’t true at all!

Although teens are more prone to acne due to puberty and other hormonal changes, it is not restricted to teenage years alone. The adult population also suffer from both, acute and severe acne, across the globe. There exists a variety of reasons for this breakout – work and lifestyle stress, bacteria breakout, genetics, to name a few.

Myth 4 - Exfoliation is the key to good riddance

Following a good skin regime is a necessity and also a healthy habit to follow. Exfoliation does help in getting rid of the dry and dead skin cells, leaving your skin healthy and shiny. But excess exfoliation can cause dry skin, abrasion and rashes, which sometimes contribute to acne formation.

Myth 5 - Exposure to sun reduces Acne

Many people believe in the basic principal of heat – Exposing bacteria to heat eventually kills them. However, this is not true in case of acne due to the surface on which it breaks out. Exposing the skin to the sun for a prolonged period can cause serious damage as bad as cancer. Excess exposure to sunlight burns or tans the skin and clearly doesn't help in curing the acne.

Myth 6 - Sunscreen and moisturisers clog pores

This is yet another useless myth. Use of sunscreens and moisturizers is actually beneficial to the skin than damage. They keep the skin fresh and avoid unnecessary tans and skin irritations that can damage the skin. They provide good nourishment to the skin too. The only clogging that affects the skin is when skin care products are not washed off properly.

Myth 7- Daily diet doesn't matter

Many believe that eating junk foodstuffs doesn't impact the skin. One must understand that the human body systems are connected internally. Over consumption of unhealthy or even healthy food, for that matter, will eventually show its effects all over the body, particularly starting from the face.

Hence a healthy diet, coupled with a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate no-brainer for a good skin.

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