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8 must-haves in Women’s Handbags

April, 2019

A woman's bag is a chest of secrets. There is a whole different parallel world running inside. A handbag is the most important thing a woman carries with herself. It not only contains currency and plastic money, but all the essentials required to pass the day for her. From toothpicks to pepper sprays, the handbag has it all! It is the Mary Poppins of a woman’s life. No wonder the luggage and accessory industry has been flourishing ever since women decided to ‘hand’ themselves a ‘bag’ of everyday survival essentials.

However, every woman has her set of favourite essentials to survive the day. Some prefer their handbags loaded with items as light as handkerchiefs, comb and a bottle of water. Some prefer to go a tad bit above and load the whole makeup kit, apart from their physical accessories like sunglasses and scarves. But we have put together a proper mix of items that will care for all the basic beauty & safety needs of women.

1. Lipstick

Lipstick is the greatest essential a woman must carry in her handbag. Lipsticks come very hand when one wants to add a touch of refreshment to their tired droopy faces. A very common shade to carry is red and pink as they suit all skin tones and are perfect for all occasions.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is another must-have to carry. A sunscreen, which is suitable to the skin tone and nature, helps in protecting the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

3. Pocket Mirror

A mini pocket mirror is a magic tool. With it, women can check on their beauty levels throughout the day. A look in the mirror is just an excuse, for most women, to trick themselves into applying oodles of makeup to look fresh again.

4. Hair Ties

Hair ties are very useful in managing all the fussy hair problems. They help in tying of hair, to keep a clean face look, to beat the hair heat blues on the neck, apart from playing the role of a hand band on the wrist, as most women use it as!

5. Tampons & Pads

They are the most essential items of the handbag. Women never know when their hormones can betray them. A habit of carrying tampons or sanitary pads help to be a step ahead and saves women from any mishaps. They also act as a blessing in disguise for other female friends whose hormones decide to surprise them too!

6. Safety Pins

Safety pins are literal lifesavers. They are the real MVPs of the handbag universe, which save women from a lot of embarrassments. They have countless uses – to bring together a popped button, to cover a small tear, to shorten or tighten mangalsutras, or sometimes simply to be attached to bangles, waiting to be used in times of disasters!

7. Wet Tissues or Handkerchiefs

Travel or wet tissues are essential for all people alike – whether they travel long miles or short miles, or whether they sit in air conditioned cubicles all day long. They are helpful in wiping a runny nose, to wipe the poo after sneezing and in wiping off lipstick marks. Some women can also carry a kerchief as they prefer a cotton kerchief of their choice & design over wet tissues.

8. Water & Snack Bars

It is very important to take care of oneself and stay hydrated irrespective of the season. A bottle of water and a snack bar or a pack of biscuits always comes handy in reviving a lazy or unenergetic day or travel.

The above mentioned must-haves can change according to the needs of women. Although they are the primary essentials, women can choose and play with their choice of items they wish to store in the handbags!

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