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10 Grooming Tips for Men

March, 2019

Yes. Men’s grooming is a thing in India (for all those still living under a rock). Men’s grooming and hygiene is as important as women’s in today’s modern world. Gone are the days when men preferred looking like apes (as it suits their natural being). Men have now transitioned from apes to gentlemen and are not far behind women.

This is the product of a two-way street - the advent of innumerable and heterogeneous men’s grooming brands in the market and the growing awareness among men to look less beastly and more charismatic. The market has been flooding with men-specific products, right from shampoos to beard oils to skin cares. Today, for many men, personal grooming is not just a daily regimen anymore, it is an adaptive mode of personal expression.

So here are a few tips for the men, regardless of their age, who wish to appear dapper, classy and well-groomed.

1. Razor is your Friend

Shaving is an ethic every man should follow very religiously. A clean face looks very classy and is a celebrated trait of a gentleman. Shaving facial hair once every week is a very healthy habit for the skin. Men can always use a trimmer and a pair of scissors and trim off the excess hair, if they are not in favour of a clean shave..

2. One Barber for all times

Figuring a right barber and sticking to him is a must! A consistent barber is the ultimate man Friday for all hair and beard styling needs. Experimentation can seldom go awry too, because of the familiarity of the barber.

3. Exfoliation is a Must

Following a healthy skin care regime is a must to have a clear and glowing skin. Exfoliation is a deep cleansing regime, which helps in removal of dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil clogged in the skin pores. Exfoliating the face twice a week is sufficient to remove pollution & dirt clogged

4. Use Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Men’s skin care is incomplete without sunscreen and moisturizer too. Moisturizing the skin is very important as it provides the skin with all the healthy nutrients that helps the skin to glow.

5. Lip Balm is for you

Many guys think lip balm is something made for girls alone due to its association with femininity. But let's take a reality check - chapped lips are faced by women and men alike. Chapped lips also throw off your personality, making the appearance very shabby and unkempt. There are varied options available in the market. Some men like glossy lips, some like quaint matt lips.

6. Manicure and Pedicure is a modern need

As per demographics and behavioral patterns, it is a common notion that manicure and pedicure is practiced only my women. This is completely false, as it was never limited to women alone. But due to the stigma attached to it, men often shied away. However, now, every gentleman is aware about the importance and opt for manicures and pedicures to keep their hand and feet hygiene sparkling.

7. Pull out the Extra Brows and Hair

Many Indian men suffer through a unibrow. A unibrow appears like a unified eyebrow and can look very shabby, in turn affecting personality. In this case, threading away the excess hair that grows on cheeks & eyebrows will exhibit a less messy facial look.

8.Choosing the right Scent

Everybody has a different taste for different scents while choosing perfumes for oneself. But while choosing, men should understand the difference between the use of deodorants and perfumes. To put it simply, deodorants can be used for daily routines, whereas perfumes should be used for special occasions majorly.

9. Manscaping

Manscaping is a healthy habit that every modern man should inculcate. Manscaping is the removal or trimming of hair on a man's body and its associated parts for cosmetic or hygienic purposes.

10. Facial is in Favour

A facial is to be treated as a necessity in the skincare routine. Facials not only help in refreshing the skin and remove all the impurities from the skin, but they also aid in providing the necessary nutrients, vitamins required to activate the dormant skin cells.

Men are not privy to personal grooming anymore. It is recommended that all men should inculcate a habit of grooming themselves for their own benefit and appearance boost.

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